Ready for Public Affairs? 

At the beginning of the year, communication matters introduced the Public-Affairs-Check (PA-Check for short), a new tool for evaluating public-affairs-management. In the current pilot phase, we are offering this service to interested companies and organizations free of charge.


This public-affairs-evaluation-tool, developed by our public-affairs-team, enables companies and organizations to carry out a precise analysis of their public-affairs-management.


Our understanding of public affairs:

Public affairs is a systemically relevant function that protects business models of companies/organizations with foresight. Regulatory risks are identified, analyzed, and managed, while regulatory and political opportunities are proactively exploited. Public affairs instruments such as stakeholder, issues, and information management, as well as strategic communication or lobbying, ensure and promote the political, regulatory and ultimately economic success of companies/organizations in the long term.


How does the Public-Affairs-Check work?

Using a questionnaire that takes around 10 minutes to complete, we ask various questions about public-affairs-management in the company/organization. Based on the answers, we then analyze the status quo of public-affairs-activities. In a next step, we offer our assessment and analysis as part of a personal or virtual feedback session.


We are convinced that companies/organizations can benefit from our Public-Affairs-Check and want to provide them with concrete suggestions and an extensive analysis.


Would you like to test our PA-Check free of charge?

Please contact our PA-consultant Franciska Göweil. After an initial consultation, she will be happy to send you the link to the tool.

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