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MA 57 (Wiener Töchtertag)
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MA 57 – Frauenabteilung der Stadt Wien (Wiener Töchtertag)

Period as Client: since September 2014

The Wiener Töchtertag (Vienna’s Bring Your Daughters to Work Day) is an initiative started by the City Councillor for Women Kathrin Gaál and Vienna Women’s Affairs (MA 57) in cooperation with the Bildungsdirektion Wien (Vienna Municipal Council Education Authority) and the Chamber of Commerce Vienna. Once every year, around 160 companies provide girls the opportunity to try out jobs less typical for women.

communication matters has been responsible for the project management and communications of the Wiener Töchtertag since 2014. A new design was developed in cooperation with the innovation agency datenwerk and the Viennese graphic designer Maria Lechner. This includes a campaign with Viennese pupils as testimonials, a new design for the project’s logo and all materials, a new website, several video clips and increased activity in social networks.

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